• Agriculture Construction

    Instructor:  Mr. Jon Wilson



    Course Description


      This course will cover many subjects involved in constructing agriculture related items.  Subjects that we will cover will include welding, oxy-acetylene torch operation, and operation of a variety of other tools commonly found in an agriculture shop.  This class will also include a lot of time spent in shop on the construction of a variety of projects.



    Grading Policy


      Written scores such as daily work, tests, lab assignments, and class participation will be kept to determine the student’s grade.


      Grading Scale 90% - 100%   A

      80% - 89%   B

      70% - 79%   C

      60% - 69%   D

      59 and below F





    Record books


      Every student enrolled in high school agriculture will be required to keep a record book on his or her SAE project.  This record book will be provided to the students and should remain in the classroom at all times.  The record book will be graded at the end of every calendar month.  Grades will be based on neatness, organization, and completeness of forms.





      The agriculture department will have a variety of materials available for student use.  These may include textbooks, magazines, computer software, notebooks, etc.  This material is not to be taken from the agriculture department without the express consent of the instructor.


    Shop Materials


      All materials necessary for construction will be provided.  The student will be assigned a locker to keep personal items in while in shop.  It is suggested that the student bring some old clothes to wear during the shop time.  Any student wishing to build something for their personal use will be permitted to do so but must pay for the materials up front.