• Conservation of Natural Resources

    Instructor:  Mr. Jon Wilson


    Course Description


                This course will prepare students for the activities in the conservation and/or improvement of natural resources.  Some topics that may be covered are soil conservation, soil science, wildlife conservation and management, forest management, grassland management, and agriculture mechanics.




    Grading Policy


                Written scores such as daily work, tests, lab assignments, and class participation will be kept to determine the student’s grade.


                            Grading Scale              90% - 100%                A

                                                                80% - 89%                  B

                                                                70% - 79%                  C                    

                                                                60% - 69%                  D

                                                                59 and below               F



    Record books


                Every student enrolled in high school agriculture will be required to keep a record book on his or her SAE project.  This record book will be provided to the students and should remain in the classroom at all times.  The record book will be graded at the end of every calendar month.  Grades will be based on neatness, organization, and completeness of forms.