• District Technology Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Gainesville R-V School District to integrate technology into the educational environment so that it serves as a tool for problem solving, exploration, analysis, decisions making, and learning in the classroom; encourages student-cerntered learning; provides access to appropriate technology for all students and staff; restructures the learning environment; increases student achievement; encourages communication; develops life-long learners; and improves productivity.  It is also the mission of the district to provide training for all teachers, administrators, and staff; to provide the necessary resources to sustain enhanced student learning; and to provide technical and financial support to maintain technology within the district.

    District Technology Vision Statement

    The Gainesville R-V School District believes it is our responsibility to prepare our students for an emerging technological society.  We must provide the educational programs that will prepare students to function in a world that uses state-of-the-art technology.  It is our belief that to be successful, both students and teachers need to develop competency in the use of applications of the available technology.  We must be visionary in our application of knowledge, technology, and educational methods.  Therefore, the students and staff of Gaineville R-V School District will have access to and knowledge of technology skills needed in modern society.  We will strive to maintain current and adequate equipment with availability to students and staff being the main focus.  They will be given opportunities to explore, investigate, analyze, create, design and evaluate issues using the tools of technology the district can provide.  With the use of technology, communication and productivity will improve among students, staff, and the community; consequently, our mission/vision will be achieved as students move into the working community as productive contributors.